We’ve all been there. Sometimes brewing days don’t go as planned. The issues range from minor annoyances to catastrophes that completely ruin the entire brew. Of course, that ruined brew was going to be the best one yet! Oh, what could have been.

The list below are some of the #homebrewfails I’ve encountered through personal experience or from homebrewing friends. The names of the individuals involved in these failures have been spared.

Rookie Mistakes – You’ve probably done these, maybe more than once

  • Transferring wort to fermenter that still has sanitizer in it
  • Running out of propane mid-boil (Bonus: Knocking on neighbor’s door to get propane and waking them up.)
  • Shattering hydrometer multiple times until you break down and buy a refractometer
  • Stuck sparge
  • Clogged plate chiller
  • Stir bar dumped into wort when adding yeast
  • Insect in boil
  • Boil Over
  • Bottle Bombs
  • Fermentation Explosion
  • The list can go on and on…

Advanced Failures

  • Transferring wort to brew kettle with the brew kettle valve open and you don’t realize your wort is being dumped onto the gravel below
  • Forgetting you wrapped your silicone tubing underneath your keg-converted brew kettle and creating a fire when you use your burner
  • Burning your chest and nipple by lifting your mash tun and spilling 170 degree wort on yourself. 170 degree hurts – a lot!
  • Brewing outside in the middle of winter while it is snowing and having your propane regulator freeze
  • Deciding it would be a good idea to brew on location (in the mountains, at the beach, etc.). Not a direct homebrew fail, but usually is a contributor to many issues during a brew day.

What have been your #homebrew fails? Share this article on Facebook or Twitter and use #homebrewfail to tell us yours.

Image by Mikey Lemoi (CC BY 2.0) via flickr

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