Feature Spotlight is a series of posts to highlight key and interesting features of BrewScene. This post will feature Discount Codes that organizers can use to provide discounts on entry fees.

Many competitions offer lower competition entry fees for homebrew club members, AHA members, stewards, judges, and general staff. On BrewScene, offering these discounts is easy and quick. BrewScene allows organizers to create discount codes and specify the price for the first five entries and each additional entry after five for an entrant in the competition. The organizer can then provide this code to those who can take advantage of the discount.

BrewScene allows you to create as many discount codes as you need.

When an entrant, who has been provided the code, enters beers into the competition, they can simply enter the code into the optional discount code field and the reduced fees will be applied to their entries and these prices will be sent to the PayPal checkout process if the competition has been set up to accept PayPal payments.

Enter the Code in the Discount Code field to get discounted prices.

That’s it! Save time and eliminate confusion with who owes how much by using discount codes today!

Post Image by Pete (CC BY 2.0) via flickr

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BrewScene.com is about connecting the homebrewing community.
  • As a homebrew competition website, homebrewers can view and enter competitions nationwide and view and track their scores and awards for their beers in one central location.
  • As a homebrewing social network, homebrewers can stay connected with friends and clubs on their latest beers and awards, discuss latest recipes, equipment, and processes, and chat about other homebrewing and beer-related news.
  • As an analytics tool, homebrewers can see the top beers and homebrewers in the country, understand the components of the best beers, and see how their beers stack up against the best.

For competition organizers, BrewScene.com provides a single channel for access and visibility of your competitions to geographically-relevant homebrewers. BrewScene.com also provides all of the competition management features you’ve come to expect.
  • Entry and Judge/Steward/Staff Registration
  • PayPal Payments
  • Round, Category, Flight, Scores, and Awards Management
  • Mailing labels, Award labels, Pull Sheets, and Sign In Sheets

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