Core Homebrewer Traits – Does this describe you?

Homebrewers come in all shapes and sizes (literally), but there are several core traits of which most homebrewers share. If you fit the profile below, you’re most likely a homebrewer. If this describes you, but you’re not already a homebrewer, then you’re welcome, my friend. I’ve just introduced you to your next highly addictive and satisfying hobby.

Beard Toting – To be considered a homebrewer, it seems having a beard is almost as important as actually being able to brew beer. Currently, or at some point in your life, you’ve probably gone full-beard on the world.
Note – Other occupations/interests requiring beards: Woodworker, Logger, Philosophy Professor (well-groomed), Biker

Process Oriented – Perfecting the brewing process is a goal of many homebrewers – as it should be. The brewing process is just as, or maybe even more, important than the recipe itself.

Ignorant to Costs – Sure, with all-grain, you can brew a case of beer for around $10, if you don’t take into account all of the equipment you’ve bought, the equipment you’ve made, or the time brewing the beer. However, after improving, upgrading, and tinkering with the brewing process and the brewing equipment, you’ve probably raked up a pretty big bill. Don’t try to figure how much money you’ve spent. I’m serious, don’t do it! Ignore it and be happy.

Helpful – Homebrewers are always willing to help another homebrewer out. The quest for good beer brings out the best in all of us.

DIY-ers – Probably not surprising for a group of people who enjoy brewing their own beer, homebrewers also like to build their own things. Brewing using your own homemade equipment is one of the great joys of homebrewing – right behind relaxing and enjoying your homebrew.

Innovative – Along the same lines of DIY, but with the goal of making something new or better. A better way to clean bottles. A grain mill made from parts laying around the basement. Something or other made to use with an electric drill. There’s always an electric drill involved. Always.

Pursuers of Cleanliness – No, not personal cleanliness. That varies. But equipment cleanliness is a must. Without it, you won’t be considered a homebrewer for very much longer. Floaties are not your friend.

Limit Pushers or Purists – Homebrewers usually fall into one category or the other. The limit pushers try to see how hoppy, or how high gravity, or how creative (or all of them at the same time) they can be with their beers. The purist wants to brew the perfect example of a style and they brew countless attempts in pursuit of that perfection. Which one are you?

Enjoyers of Good Beer – Obvious, I know. However, homebrewers take it to another level. Homebrewer descriptions of beer far exceed “good”, “bitter”, and “hoppy.” Homebrewers talk about strong malt backbones with good balance, citrus and floral aromas, and crisp, dry finishes. It’s important stuff.

Obsessive – OK, maybe we take things a little too far. Maybe homebrewing takes up too much of our thought cycles throughout the day and our time on the weekends. Maybe the 60 minute boil recipe would have been good enough instead of the 90 minute one which made us late for the party – although we would have been late with the 60 minute boil too so we figured what’s another 30 minutes? But then again, this is at the heart of what makes us homebrewers – an ultimate desire to make better beer and the dedication to the quest to get there.

Image by Tyler Howarth (CC BY 2.0) via flickr

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